Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2017 | Complete Review | with Steve Hammes

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2017 TestDriveNow Video Review By Auto Critic Steve Hammes.The 4Runner is one of a trifecta of seemingly timeless Toyota SUVs that subscribe to theory “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” And it’s this one that possesses the most off-road worthy chops.MSRP as-tested: $45,069

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  1. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

    Criticize a beloved vehicle with a loyal fan base and wait for the incredulity to come pouring in. «Don’t you know what WE want?» Now, I’ve been doing this car review thing long enough to expect that passionate reaction and what I’ve come to realize is that it’s not as much a vehicle-specific testament as it is a lifestyle philosophy. Here’s what I mean…

    Take the rotary dial phone we had in my house when I was a kid, for example. Man, that thing was bulletproof. Sure, it took a little more work on my part to get the conversation started but I liked that hands-on involvement. It made me feel like I was in complete control of every digit dialed. It had a cord attached from the base to the handset. Yeah, it didn’t permit me to stray too far but those calls NEVER dropped. Cost of ownership was nil. And if you did need to replace a part it was done cheaply.

    But I admit. I own an iPhone now. I’ve traded in a little of that old school rotary dial charm for a boatload of modern conveniences. Don’t get me wrong — its capabilities FAR exceed those of my old phone but now I press on glass to make calls instead of using my index finger to physically move a piece of plastic.

    There are 2 groups: those who can’t wait for the latest innovations and those who couldn’t care less. And neither is right or wrong. But either way, each side should know the pros and cons of choosing (a car, a smartphone, a TV, etc.) before outlaying big cash. These items are not inexpensive. And that’s where my job comes into play. Because I drive everything on the market I can provide a unique perspective in order to let viewers know when an automotive OEM isn’t giving them all that they’ve got.

    Most people, even if they say otherwise, HATE change. We know that. This is why some people defend Toyota’s ridiculously outdated and overpriced Land Cruiser, Sequoia and so on. It’s what they know and it’s in their comfort zone. BUT, I think there’s common ground here. There’s a big difference between ‘old’ and ‘retro.’ Old…is well…old. Retro is modernizing what owners love while preserving the product’s ethos and aesthetics. Whether it’s the Tacoma (complete disclosure, I own a 2001 Prerunner), Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser or 4Runner, Toyota is by-in-large resting on its laurels when it comes to their truck lineup while keeping the pricing at a premium.

    And in the spirit of fact checking, the 4Runner finished 12th in J.D. Power’s most recent Midsize SUV Vehicle Dependability Study and 8th in Initial Quality.

    To summarize, I DON’T DISLIKE THE 4RUNNER! I love off-roading and the 4Runner is a blast. But it’s my job to evaluate the product through the prism of industry standards using the experience I’ve accumulated doing this for nearly 20 years. And from that vantage point, Toyota is not giving you their best.

  2. tinhinnh:

    LC Jr.

  3. Peter Leitzingejr:

    Guys like this and his review show the complete disconnect from people who want an off-road capable car and a car that does everything. This truck will give you confidence in a blizzard while the BMW X5 will show you an electronic light showing AWD. I see AWD cars that supposedly drive better on the side of the highway all the time when driving in snow to the mountains. This guy says having to switch from 2wd to 4wd is a nuisance compared to cars with AWD that do it for you. That’s horseshit! It’s an asset! When will the automakers realize what people really want? The 4runner and jeep wranglers sell like donuts in a police station.

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      Peter Leitzingejr And it’s opinions like this that allow Toyota to keep this truck in mothballs and charge $45k for it…while laughing all the way to the bank. It’s OK to demand more from Toyota. Updating this rig AND keeping it attractive to the off-road crowd ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXClUSIVE! Geez. Have you driven a Land Rover lately??? How about Jeep? Even they touch the holy grail Wrangler once in a while…like this year!

  4. marc rockwell:

    old !!! super wrong

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      marc rockwell You’re right. More like super fresh! That 4.0 and 5-speed just scream modern 😂.

  5. som Ratanawong:

    Old is good!

  6. Tarzan:

    Does it really have leaf springs (like an oxcart)? Ew…

  7. MrBury74:

    This is a classic truck. I like the drive but it’s time for a new one.

  8. Brett Sullivan:

    I have a brand new LIMITED edition 4Runner. Heated and Cooled seats, 15 Speaker JBL, Button start, leather seats, luxury wooden trims WITH serious offroading capability — I LOVE MY RIG

  9. Toyota4Life:

    Better then Jeep.

    That paint color is awesome

  10. glh:

    Within the context of modern features, it’s broken.

  11. pedro fernandez:

    4 Runner fanatics could care less about all those electronic goodies you referred to, they love the tough, go anywhere, bulletproof reliability of this thing and will accept nothing else.

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      pedro fernandez And that’s exactly why Toyota can keep this thing in mothballs and charge $45k for it…while laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. Zachary:

    My 2012 sr5 4×4 is awesome. No issues or concerns with almost 90k miles. It passes well on the highway and feels great around town. I love how high it sits. Snow and heavy rain don’t bother it, although the limited’s full time awd is better suited than 2wd. The A-trac just works. Some folks just don’t get Toyota trucks and SUV’s and their design, options, etc but I’ll take a Toyota any day! Steve, you were down on the LC too and I will again have to disagree on your take.

  13. Arlind22:

    Totally love it, unfortunately we don’t have this here in Europe.

  14. Patrick Lawrence:

    I guess he didnt like it…
    But if you are trying to sludge thru some REAL snow (6 inches or more), mud, muck, and other off-road environments besides washboard flat, 1/4″ snow covered dirt roads…then you will be glad that you didnt pay for blind spot monitoring and auto climate control…and glad you paid for a vehicle that can get you from point A to B, when the ‘to’ part is filled with all of these things and more. If you want nice-ness…sure, go buy something else. But when you want a work horse that will get you thru anything…and you dont mind getting dirty…ill take my T4R every time.

    • Patrick Lawrence:

      Agreed sir. But there is the rub. You dont buy this vehicle, or a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited-its only real direct competitor IMHO, for ‘modern’ features. If a buyer is honest with their purchasing needs, you buy this vehicle to get you thru true off-road conditions, very snowy seasonal environments, etc. Even on the T4R forums, it is said constantly, this isnt the best choice if you are not going to take it off road. Far from it. If you want better, more usable space, a better ride, and more electronic tech out of your automobile, then a 4Runner isnt what you should buy. Toyota makes other SUV/Crossovers that fit that mode better, along with other makes and models in the marketplace. I know from my research when i was shopping SUVs that the same thing is said about Wranglers from their ownership. the phrase ‘its a jeep thing’ popped up often. Its just a little confusing when reviewers test drive this vehicle, and compare/complain about what it doesnt do in relation to a more road going, lux level crossover of similar size, but then do not do the same when test driving and critiquing a 4-door wrangler.
      FYI…i do enjoy your reviews very much, and really like what you have done with your youtube channel sir. Keep up the great work, helping inform the car buying public.

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      Guess what? In 2017 you can have BOTH ruggedness and modern features. Just ask Jeep.

  15. William Scott:

    I like the fact that Toyota has kept this old school. The proof is in the $ales!

  16. golfbuddy1969:

    At $45k, has to be one of the real values today. Then you take resale into account, and you have an unbelievable low cost of ownership for a truck/suv.

  17. JDubbs07:

    Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, please. Well worth the upcharge.

  18. hufington:

    The design looks like something from the old Soviet era.

  19. Nissan TitanWarrior:

    I’d like to see Toyota bring the Toyota Fortuner model to the U.S. to replace this old guy. Has a great, hi-tech look that is instantly recognizable as a Toyota SUV, and is the perfect fit to that this model into the 21st century. I agree that as configured, it should sell for well under $40k, but Toyota can rest on it’s laurels, as sales have taken off over the last three years, probably because, as he said, they just don’t build them like this anymore.

  20. Michi Scholl:

    I had one as a rental two years ago. It’s pretty comfortable to drive in actually, I liked it. Just don’t try to pass somebody at speeds above 70.

  21. rangerover06sc:

    How exactly is not being forced to be stuck a awd system that’s not rwd enough when you want it to be and not 4wd enough when you need it to be a plus?

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      rangerover06sc Easy. When I’m driving on-road in variable conditions I’d much rather have a 4WD system with an ‘auto’ setting (like most SUVs and trucks) so that I’m not forced to choose one or the other. You might be on dry road one second and ice the next.

  22. mx5hong:

    I’m just guessing here but maybe Toyota Don’t offer things like autonomous braking b/c it could go nuts during off-roading??? Maybe climbing a steep hill or going over large rocks could accidentally trigger it.
    Won’t be surprised if Toyota actually tried it.

    • Frank P:

      And yet both of those vehicles according to JD Power and Associates problems reported per 100 vehicles have them just below Mini and Dodge on the highest end of the scale.  Just more stuff to break and leave you stranded on the trail IMHO

    • Michael Bush:

      Do people actually off road in land rovers and grand cherokees still? All that stuff is expensive and will break. I’d rather have this any day of the week. The only reason they come out with that tech is to attract new customers. 4 runners don’t need any more attractiveness. No need to put this stuff in it.

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      mx5hong Yet, Land Rover and Jeep make it happen.

  23. Vanuatoo:

    In Europe we got Toyota Prado, which has been face-lifted second time this year. The same platform, 6 speed auto vs 5 speed in 4runner and for the same price as SR5, you can get Automatic Climate Control, Rear Locking Diff and generally prettier car. Toyota was lazy to do that for 4runner because US consumers don’t demand much based on the sales figures 🙂

  24. Tully3674:

    Replace «TRD Pro» with «Lexus GX460» and you’ll have nearly the same report.

  25. Axion:

    They should offer the 4.6 liter v8.

  26. Keith Price:

    These things are so popular because they are so simple.  Screams reliability.

  27. Nathaniel San Gabriel:

    I love these trucks. Excellent reliability, tried and true engine and transmission and amazing resale value. It may be «old» but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Perhaps the things that makes the 4Runner «old» are the reasons Toyota is still able to sell them without the need for incentives. Food for thought.

  28. Billy Sou:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Toyota puts an 8-sp. automatic and the 3.5L V6 in a future 4Runner. However, it’ll be awhile till a redesign comes.

    • TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes:

      Toyota execs have not ruled out a unibody 4Runner for the next gen…I’m not breaking any news here. But don’t worry — we’ll all be too old to drive by then 😂

    • Iggi Valencia:

      JDubbs07 That’s off topic. The topic of discussion is not about updates but whether or not Toyota should continue with body-on-frame with the 4Runner or go unibody. FYI, The new, updated version of the Wrangler is only the 4th iteration of the Wrangler model type while the 4Runner is in its 5th generation and is due for an update… 2019 model year. Both the Wrangler and the 4Runner were introduced in the mid 80s which means the 4Runner actually gets updated more frequently than the Wrangler. But then again, this is not the topic of discussion…. so Wrangler example is irrelevant.

    • Billy Sou:

      I wonder in 2018 model years, why is there a 5-sp. automatic? Even 6-sp autos are becoming dated these days….

    • JDubbs07:

      Iggi Valencia the point of mentioning the Wrangler was that they updated it, not that it’s a platform shift, which it isn’t. Toyota hasn’t done so with the 4Runner. Toyota has a reputation of letting products get old because their customers don’t seem to care. The Land Cruiser could also use a replacement, and it wasn’t until recently that they got around to ditching the Corolla’s 4spd auto from the 90s. They were also uber late in introducing a turbo 4 for Lexus, and just are just now getting a turbo V6. Their focus has been elsewhere.

    • Iggi Valencia:

      JDubbs07 His comment will not have any influence on Toyota’s decision to continue with body-on-frame or not.

      Aside from using high-strength aluminum and magnesium on a lot of parts to save weight on the Wrangler, it still remain a body-on-frame (high strength steel ladder frame) SUV. Fiat Chrysler will also bring back the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer and both will have body-on-frame.

  29. Thiago Maciel:

    Not a minivan

  30. TheVP:

    This exact model for the winter and a RWD manual sports sedan for the summer=affordable family dream garage

  31. Mike C:

    One of my dream cars!!

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